TMJ Laser Treatment

TMJ Dysfunction patients have been the scourge and struggle of most dentists.

Due to their pain and trismus, the patients can not cooperate as needed during the taking of the dental impression. 

This prevents an accurate impression of the needed inter-cuspal relationships to fabricate functional bite splints and restorations. 


FINALLY, there is a solution for all of this.

Our FDA Cleared TTML “Cold Laser” is able to treat TMD pain rapidly, and without drugs. This is a major benefit for the doctors and their patients.

After the first 8 minute session, patients usually have as much as a 50% decrease in pain, and as it breaks the muscle spasm, the trismus is often decreased up to 1 cm or more.

We recommend a series of 6 treatments over 2 weeks, about every 2-3 days.

Post Surgical Laser Treatment

The Time Machine lasers is engineered and designed ergonomically to be able to be used with one hand. It has Pin Point accuracy which allows the spot size of the laser to be  precise for full control at all times.  This allows us to treat the post surgical  area with greater precision  to reduce inflammation and swelling without damaging the skin. 


One of the biggest concerns patients have who are considering undergoing surgical procedures is pain, swelling, scaring and lost time from activity and work. Post-surgical recovery traditionally has included medication, rest, low or no activity for a period of time, and no work.


Laser treatments like those provided by the Time Machine laser  has  a positive effect to decrease the  pain swelling for a more faster recovery after surgery. 

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